A virtualized dream space

Playing with digital spaces, Alice Hedin and Nadia Silva wanted to create a surreal immersive experience with layers and details to explore.

A surreal dream-like room that goes way down the rabbit hole.

During 4 days, with joy & playfulness, we took on the assignment of creating a virtual space and its inhabitants with the help of Unity and Cinema 4D. The projected video mandala-like patterns are inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s art and juxtapositioned to a clip from Un Chien Andalou. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) is playing in the background and the iconic music video is playing on a tv in the middle of the space. These choices were made to emphasize the surrealism and abstract nature of our dream concept. But also to make a confusing and disorientating experience that enables us to explore the VR medium as a means to communicate ideas, emotions and a sense of self in a VR-space. 

This project is a true manifestation of our curiosity for new techniques, willingness to take on challenges and enjoying the creative process.