Yes! And welcome to our openly open comms festival

On the 26th and 27th of May, we said Yes! And to live music, live improv theatre and live creative competitions. We enjoyed live discussions on a range of topics from free-will, to what the future of the communication industry might be in a post-corona world. And of course, we’ve had enough killer grad work to make you jealous (in a nice way).

That might all be over, but you can watch highlights from our live stream. Plus you can check out some fantastic creative projects by some amazing students - there’s sure to be something you’ll love. So grab a drink, settle in, and enjoy. And if there’s anything you like, be sure to get in touch and let them know.

Some student work

Spotify Landmark

Spotify Landmark

Today many people switch between music, radio, and podcasts while driving. To make drivers turn to Spotify, we created a feature that is both entertaining and educational by connecting you to your surroundings. We geotagged important music history locations and turned them into landmarks for your ears. No need to fight for the AUX cord anymore, Spotify will now be your personal tour guide and your favorite DJ when the car door closes.

Absolut Alg


A new thought how to communicate postal history

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