In Sweden over 80% of the population shop online, reaching an estimate total value of 77 billion SEK. The reason behind the online shopping is because it’s easy, fast and effective. The second step of online shopping is delivery, today the main issue of online shopping is not the shopping experience itself, it’s the delivery. With an estimate of 60% of the market, PostNord is the biggest delivery service in Sweden, even though their feedback is mostly negative. But why do people still choose to use Postnord, even if their service is the one thing making online shopping a complicated act? To beat their competitors, Instabox needs to become top of mind for consumers. 


We were assigned by the client to produce a concept with the aim of showcasing how Instabox is Sweden’s most uncomplicated shipping service whilst creating engagement and interest by their core target group (online shoppers at the age of 25 to 45). 



“We as humans are creatures of our habit and we have come to dislike change. At the same time have we never cherished our time and freedom as much as we do today.”

In collaboration with well-selected organizations, Instabox will prove to be a company that cares about your life and your freedom, building an emotional bond with consumers. Whilst teaming up with our partners we plan to during the first year of our campaign place smart boxes at unexpected locations around Stockholm, to prove the point that Instabox is a natural part of your day-to-day life. We have chosen to collaborate with organizations that are well accepted and appreciated by society and are organisations that we believe are trying to make the world a better, safer and a more uncomplicated place for all of us to live in.

During our second phase we want to show how Instabox is Sweden’s most uncomplicated delivery service by print, SoMe and billboards. The second phase of the campaign is adding onto the emotional bond we’re aiming to bridge during the first phase and acting instead as an informational and building knowledge phase. During this phase we’re using the hashtag #slutakrångla, #uncomplicated.

Instabox x Pride

In 2020 people still feel insecure and unsafe about being their true self. Insatbox wants to make it easier for those who are still not ready to show their real selves to still be themselves. 

We want to give the opportunity of contributing to a more allowing and safer Pride celebration by both delivering and keeping your possessions safe while you can focus on being yourself. We want to celebrate you, #youbeyou.

Instabox x Rädda Barnen

REGULAR: One in three families won’t be able celebrate Christmas this coming season. In a time of giving, we often forget about giving back as we rush to get in everything in order for our celebration. 

This year, Instabox is giving you the opportunity to give back at the same time as you collect your orders from our smart boxes. In collaboration with Rädda Barnen we are giving back to the less fortunate whilst giving you an uncomplicated Christmas.  

Instabox x Nattskiftet

Every third person living in Stockholm feels unsafe during evening and nights. We believe that Nattskiftet contributes to a safer environment for both women and men.

Nattskiftet fights for safety and equality for all of us during the nights, trying to make our lives a little less complicated. We want to join the fight of creating a more safe and uncomplicated life for all of Stockholm. 

Print & SoMe


Susanna Friberg

Julia Krigsman 

Izabelle Forsberg 

Jacob Nilsson 

Terese Salzberger 

Marielle Hägglund