My name is Terese, I am 24 years old and I live in Stockholm. I have studied the Public Relations program at Berghs. It has been educational and intense on the same time. 

The most interesting courses have been PR Project Management and Internal Communication. 

I prefer to have structure and specific goals in my work and life. I often use colored pencils and have notepads ready. I have a lot of energy and I spread joy, even when it is dark. 

I humbly listen to the members of a group and then come up with suggestions to a solution or plan.

I look for a friendly workplace to work in. It is important for me that my future workplace is rewarding, evolving and kind. I have a natural interest for new things in life and I would love to learn and explore more. However, my heart beats a little extra for retail, travel and cooking.

Internship or employment, full-time or part-time. It does not really matter to me, it would be fun to help. I hope you will find me interesting and possibly a future colleague! 

Best regards,

Terese Salzberger