Taxi Sucks

Client: 7-Eleven

Develop a solution for an existing brand that contributes to more sustainable tourism in the area of transportation.

The concentration of carbon dioxide​​​​​​​ in our atmosphere has reached levels not seen for millions of years, and 60 million tourists are visiting New York City every year. These tourists have the ambition to explore the city by foot, but the majority often walk a lot more than they are used to. Their feet start aching, and they grab a cab to painlessly get from A to B. An unnecessary cab ride which leads to increased air pollution.


What if we could provide an alternative before deciding on that particular cab ride?

Something to let the tourists keep exploring the city by foot, without polluting the air.

There is nothing more disturbing as aching, pounding feet caused by uncomfortable shoes. When that happens, you do anything to get rid of the pain. The first thing you want to do is to take off your shoes.

7-Eleven launches “Taxi Socks” that are comfortable to walk in, with the message “Taxi Sucks” as a substitute for unnecessary cab rides, to shed light on the air pollution debate.

7-Eleven launches Taxi Socks to reduce CO2 emissions in NYC.

There is an existing expression called “Taxi Shoes”, used to describe shoes that are stylish but not comfortable so the wearer needs to take a taxi home instead of walking. The Taxi Socks have the opposite meaning. They are so comfortable that you will never have to take a taxi if you are wearing them – it feels like you are barefoot. Besides, the socks are reusable, easy to roll up and bring with you wherever you go, and does not cost more than an average cab ride.


The Taxi Socks are the answer to the first thing a person thinks about when their feet start aching – to take off the shoes. They are available in every block, no matter where you are and what time it is, as there are 7-Eleven stores all across Manhattan.