Proviva - when you need to get shit done.

Client: Proviva

Proviva, a fruit drink with probiotics, wanted to increase their penetration among buyers >39 years old, since the purchases in this age group had gone down by 30%, compared to last year.

The problem we saw was that consumers associate Proviva with being sick, which makes them buy and consume Proviva when they already are sick, retroactively.

Unexpected interruptions in life makes you miss out on things that are important to you.

We wanted people to consume Proviva proactively instead of reactively. And to associate Proviva with being healthy/well instead of being sick. We wanted to target those who rely most on their life schedule to go exactly as planned, because once it is interrupted the rest of their life “falls apart”.

Our solution is to make people think about what they are not prepared to miss out on, and start drinking Proviva to make their life schedule go as planned.

What are you willing to miss out on?