Becoming One

Client: Newcastle United FC

A new look for a club in change. As the possibility of a takeover in ownership of Newcastle United FC the idea of a brand refresh was born.


Manage the clubs rich history into a brand that can live outside of football.



My solution was to position the club as more rebellious and street-like to appeal to a new generation of supporters as well as celebrating the history of the club and town.

The design concept ‘Becoming One’ is rooted in the passion and unity of the fans. It aims to visualize the power of merging to something bigger. To unite new and old supporters, emphasize the importance of community and belonging and strive to always be better on and off the field.


An ‘in your face-identity’ that just like the fans, doesn’t hold back. Utilizing the power of contrast, simple typography and the powerful logo to create interesting and dynamic visuals. An identity that feels edgy, rebellious, and is something completely different in the world of football.