Who are we?
We are six students assigned by Berghs to create content for the 2020 Berghs festival. Divided into three sub groups, we’ve been responsible for booking wide range of different artists, speakers and entertainers. Our challenge has been to create and fill out nineteen hours of interesting content, divided over two days.

Our work
More specifically, with the current situation in consideration we had to adapt and create a digital festival. In this extremely difficult situation we saw and opportunity to do something different and distinguish ourselves, instead of backing down to the challenge. Berghs has a vast variety of talent, perspectives and connections which gave us a unique position to start from.

Early on we had to compose a adaptive schedule, since all of us were working with our graduation projects. This proved to be a challenge because of our different project groups, however we managed to find spare time and kept the ball rolling. Our circumstances were challenging and it was at first very messy, thanks to toughrough project management we were able to put the festiva on course.

Our production team organized everything in elaborate colour schemes and created a perfect schedule precise to the minute. With a clear schedule we were able to book and plan for a optimal experience. Together we managed to get artists like Albin Lee Meldau, Ness and Blenda, interesting think tanks like Fores and Timbro, scientists, professional speakers and a magician!

Without strict restraints we were also able to get help from our fantastic co-students, who really made the process a lot easier. We’ve had a fun mix of people who has provided much needed and great input, which helped the festival along the way.

Yes… and festival.