A customer journey focus on endings for Brightbees service.

Client: Brightbee

Everything comes to an end, so why not make the best of it? Everything ends. And we need to design it. By working with endings, and having in mind that everything comes to an end we can create strong solutions that help the brand gain reputation on the market, after use of the product or service. Therefore, we designed the user off-boarding from Brightbee’s SaaS service.


Design an off-boarding


How might we design an ending of the subscription that is easy, transparent, and possible to do in one session on the website for real estate agencies in order to have a good reputation on the market after the use of the product?


Workshop with Brightbee

Since we wanted to get to know Brightbee and its mission, we held a workshop to investigate their customer journey. Our focus was to understand their off-boarding system. We discussed the different reasons a customer would decide to leave the service and looked into the “crack of doubt”. Based on all the new insights, we started to prototype a design for Brightbee’s off-boarding.


A smooth and lighthearted offboarding will strengthen Brightbee’s reputation on the market.

User tests

Realestater, Bjurfors Fastighetsmäklarna

“I would like a very short process. I would prefer to answer “yes” and “no” on all questions during the process. I think three e-mail is excessive and I would like it better if it was only one e-mail to confirm that the subscription is canceled.”

Head of marketing, Bjurfors Fastighetsmäklarna

“I would prefer a short process with few clicks. Positive experience. I like the summary of what Brightbee has helped us with, but it is missing facts and I want to know how they measure the data.”

Realestater, Bjurfors Fastighetsmäklarna

“I use to tap on “Other” because I don’t want to develop my answer. I want to pick more than just one suggestion. After the second time of asking me if I really want to quit it is annoying. I just want to end.”