We were asked to find a win-win-win solution to create a more sustainable tourism with a focus on water and energy. 


Key insight

One of the largest contributors to the plastic pollution in the oceans are plastic bottles. Tourists want to travel more sustainably, but lack knowledge of where the water is safe to drink and consume a large amount of bottles when traveling. 



A feature added on Tripadvisors current platform, Dripadvisor, that will help tourists find the nearest tap to refill their water bottles. This will reduce the tourists consumption of single-use plastic.

How is this a win-win-win?


The new function will generate longer user time and create more clicks on the platform. This will lead to an increase in profit on ads as well as a larger gathering of user data. The function can easily be implemented to Tripadvisors current platform. It can be tested in a smaller scale, in for example Barcelona and later be scaled up.


Local shops and restaurants

They will be able to save the oceans, but also increase the traffic of visitors and possible sales.



The tourists can get a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to stay hydrated.



Less plastic bottles bought, means less plastic in our oceans.


So actually not just a win-win-win, but a win-win-win-win!