Enter Seed: generative visuals for DJs

In the scene of underground techno clubs and ‘open airs’ more is more and the people attending these events come there to enjoy the music. The organizers and DJs try to create an immersive and unique experience for their audience with all available technologies and props.

More established and world-renowned DJs, like DeadMou5 and Eric Prydz arrange spectacular and immersive visual shows. Small DJs often begin playing at underground clubs and if they want to add visuals to their performance they either have to create it themselves, use generic and non-exclusive, existing material or hire an animator to put in a lot of time to produce unique but static content.

There is no plug ‘n’ play solutions that small DJs can use to generate unique visuals.  

Enter Seed enables a DJ to generate exclusive and innovative visuals simply by playing music in a virtual DJ mixer. There are presets and parameters that can be controlled by a UI, if the DJ wants to customize and control the content that is being generated. The real-time generated visuals are meant to create a holistic experience that enhance the music, entertain and excite the audience and add a dimension to the brand of the DJ.

Enter Seed

All visuals in Enter Seed is generated or manipulated by data and sound. A random computer-generated action needs a seed. Enter a seed and enter a new visual world.

The different variations of generated visuals are controlled and manipulated by music, and can be remotely controlled through an OSC-application on a tablet or phone.

I wanted to challenge myself, explore the technology and possibilities with generative design and the software TouchDesigner.