Google Trip

A digital solution that helps tourists explore more sustainable while saving both time and money.


Identify a problem and create a solution for tourists that travel.

Background & Insight

Today more and more tourists travel, and getting around at the destination is a big part of the experience, which takes a big hit on sustainability. A lot of tourists rent cars, scooter, or chooses a taxi to get around and explore. The tourists know what they want to do, but they often take multiply unnecessary rides because they leave their values at home, and want the fastest and easiest possible way. Research has also told us that tourists don’t plan their trips and lack the knowledge of tourist attractions that is close to each other.


Design a solution for Google that is time effective and helps tourists plan their trips based on what they want to do, in order to help them travel more sustainable.


We created Google Trip. Google Trip optimizes the tourist’s vacation by collecting what the tourist wants to do. By using the collected must-sees, Google sorts out what is close to each other, and creates routes that require as little transportation as possible.