Visualize a scent for & Other Stories

Client: & Other Stories

& Other Stories encourages women to create their own expression, and fragrance is very much a part of that. It has the magical ability to tell the story of who you are in a way that words never will, making it a natural element in their beauty range. 

 The assignment from & Other Stories was to visualize a scent by using motion design. The material was intended for use as a guide and/or inspiration on their website, social media or in store. We were supposed to keep the identity of & Other Stories but still dare to challenge the boundaries! 

Challenge the current norms how fragrances are visualized

We found that fragrances are usually visualized and communicated through portraying a dream life which the consumer feels attracted to or is supposed to aspire to. They show an idealized imagery of femininity and masculinity and which is often starred by celebrities. We wanted to challenge the current norms and to cut the distance between consumer and product by portraying a vision that the consumer could more easily relate to. 

Portray that the fragrance highlights you, rather than forcing you to be someone else

We came up with the concept Highlight Yourself. The fragrance highlights who you are, rather than forcing you in to a particular mold. Every fragrance has a personality and everyone has their perfect match. The concept is scalable and can be applied to all of & Other Stories’ fragrances. It was important for us to tap in to their existing tonality, which is based on storytelling. We took inspiration from the chic, quirky and humoristic, which is prominent in their current communication. We found inspiration from & Other Stories’ stores where there was a feeling and appearance of a creative studio. The chosen fragrance, Sardonyx Fire was a source of inspiration as well, since it is described as confident and passionate.