An innovative packaging made of coffee husk

Client: Bönor & Blad

The challenge
To create an innovative and different tea gift for the tea and coffee shop Bönor & Blad that appeals to their conscious customers. The future of the tea and coffee world is constantly exposed to serious threats such as climate change, economy and vermins. The coffee harvests are getting smaller and smaller, which makes it difficult for the coffee farmers around the world to support themselves and their families. Although the industry is in many ways outdated, coffee has never been more modern and trendy as it is today. There is a lot of potential to make the coffee farming a sustainable industry, both socially and environmentally.

The solution
A tea and coffee tin made of recycled coffee husk that goes under Bönor & Blad’s own brand HuskMade. The outer packaging intrigues the customers with colorful design and provides information about the problem with coffee husk waste. In addition the customers receive a trendy tin of premium tea with a design that challenges what sustainable product should look like. HuskMade also motivates customers to bring the tin to the store for refilling tea and coffee in order to reduce the use of disposable bags. With HuskMade Bönor & Blad takes a stand to make the world of tea and coffee more sustainable, environmentally and socially.