Lays Kiss & Tell

Lay’s must refresh our brand identify for the generations to come to ensure we are relevant, top of mind, and provide better total value to consumers than salty snack competitors. Brand Mission Magnetic Enjoyment Benefits Emotional (enjoyment & uplift) and Functional.

So undeniably delicious they have magnetic power. 

Have you ever felt ashamed of your breath in situations like this? Choosing between eating that chips or kissing your partner, loving both, letting one down.

But what if we told you that this was all in your head? That these two doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. That the combination between kissing and eating chips actually is much better than you think – a kiss releases dopamine, which makes you happy, and you know what ? Chips does too! So by combining those two.. the effect is so undeniably delicious that this creates magnetic power

Lays refuses to let this problem get in the way of the fantastic experience to kiss and eat chips. Break the norm together with lays, we now challenge you to kiss and tell. 

Can you tell which flavour your partner is? Or why not your friend, mom, neighbour or local bartender? Spice it up with jalapeno or do it classy like lightly salted, with lays you can kiss in a million ways. On social media we encourage you to spread the word, challenge other, using the hashtag; kiss and tell. 

We expect to reach people beyond country borders, across ethnicities and regardless of sexualities or age. With kiss and tell we want to bring people together, It’s easy, natural and joyful, just like love should be.