Nature misses you

Client: Swedish Tourist Association

Address and reach a younger consumer base by lowering the threshold to experience nature.

City dwellers have lost their true connection to nature and do not think about how accessible Swedish nature really is.

The Swedish nature tends to be viewed upon as inaccessible and not meant for everyone. But what it’s really about is people having preconceptions about outdoor life and the typical outdoorsy person.

We need to create an urge for nature, make people miss it and generate a desire to reunite with it. Therefore, we need to remind people that nature misses you.

By personifying nature, putting nature as the sender, we want to strengthen the emotional connection between man and nature. The concept is based on the emotional bond you have with an elderly relative that we believe many can recognize.

We have chosen to rely on emotional values and a relatable situation to attract a younger target group and freshen up the Swedish Tourist Association as a brand. The association’s communication should feel easy to understand and attractive to both inexperienced hikers and the most experienced. By strengthening the connection between the Swedish Tourist Association and nature, we create an openness and show that nature is for everyone. It is in our nature.

“Nature misses you and wants you back” is the core message of our concept that is meant to change the outdated assumptions and bring back the Swedish Tourist Association to our time.