NOVA – Vehicle concept

In 2050 we will have succeeded in becoming fossil free; however, the CO2 in the air will still be too high. If we want to keep the freedom that a personal vehicle provides, we need to take action against further pollution.
Carbon removal is possible through forestation, algae cultivation, or slow agriculture. It’s our mission to build a world where innovation is the universal language and technology and creativity join forces. The future may be uncertain, but together we must pave the way to a better society.

How would you imagine a desirable future in automotive industries? 

The objective is: Create a concept of a fictional vehicle that will take place in the coming future. 30 years is such a long time from now that technology may have evolved more than we might think is possible. The outtake is a play between imagination and reality, what would you imagine in possible?

This is NOVA. A two-seat vehicle that is completely self-propelled, from steering to energy production and utilizing. It captures information from the surroundings through various sensors. At the same time, the passengers sit comfortably and securely in the back and experience a new way of traveling.

NOVA takes care of itself. And its goal is to get you to your destination in the most comfortable and unobstructed way possible.