Stockholm is polluted. But we chose to live here. We chose to be victims. Sho here’s our Offerkofta.

Offerkofta is made out of PEI-impregnated cotton that collects carbon dioxide, putting you in great danger.

Offerkofta translates into victims cardigan. It’s a Swedish saying for victimizing yourself.

Will you pollute or will you get polluted?

It’s all up to you.

We have been working on a new innovation that tackle the climate change, which the fashion industry is contributing to. We need to make sacrifices to make things better.

We’ve done quite a lot of research and found an interesting article where some chinese scientist has developed a cheap way to collect carbon dioxide in porous materials. With this information we went to a scientist at KTH Royal institute of Technology asking if this method would be able apply on cotton. He told us that it was possible.

Right before the corona-crisis we were putting up posters at the university at KTH trying to find a partner to develop this new material with. We will try soon again, when the schools open up!

But meanwhile we have been trying to promote our new material. We decided to make a cardigan out of it. What makes this a little bit fun is that there is a Swedish word called Offerkofta, directly translated into victims cardigan. It is a term used to indicate that a person or group assumes the role of victim.

We also made an Instagram filter to showcase how dirty the material would get.