Client: Postmuseum

 A new thought how to communicate postal history

Postmuseum does not communicate its rich cultural-historical heritage in a way that is reaching the museum’s desired target groups. Postmuseum is unknown and lacks brand awareness despite their long history.

Postmuseum is an independent institution owned by Postnord. Postnord handles a large part of Sweden’s post, which today is mainly parcels. The number of packages sent by Postnord increases every year. Through Postnord, Postmuseum has the opportunity to reach a huge target group.

By using PostNord’s “channel”, Postmuseum has the opportunity to perform their mission with focus on showing post history. They can do this directly on the packages in the form of general educational stickers that tell about post history and the Postmuseum.

The stickers should have the same educational effect as the back of Arlas milk cartons