SJ - festivaltåg

Client: SJ


Every year SJ has a partnership with Åre session to make a festival train, from Stockholm to Åre. Our brief was to make a concept with activities that would activate the passengers during their train ride.


How can you make an 8h train ride fun?


The closer you get to your festival experience the more excited you get – the more we turn up the volume.


The train ride starts slow with relaxed activities and as you got closer to Åre the activities get louder. The idea was to activate the passengers with a lot of different activities like music quiz, Djs, dancefloor, “design your after ski-T-shirt” and a lot more. We were also told to do some merch and we decided to do bucket hats and “snabba glajjor”.

SJ wanted to realize our concept and we started to work with SJ in January 2020, however, due to COVID-19 we were never able to complete it. But we had fun working with this project together with SJ.

Concept – Turn up