The future packaging of Absolut Vodka – One Source 2.0

Absolut Vodka produce over 600.000 bottles a day. A potential future challenge could be restrictions in shipping and packaging materials. Absolut have to future-proof the brand’s survival even without its iconic glass bottle. They need a sustainable packaging solution for the future. 

We add an extra dimension to their existing concept One Source. The grain of the wheat is used to produce vodka; the straw of the wheat is used for the bottle. With the whole plant utilized, the result is a bottle made out of 100 percent biodegradable bioplastic. By keeping the iconic silhouette, the history and brand recognition of Absolut is retained. With the flat design, Absolut could reduce their shipping by 50 percent and still manage to distribute the same amount of vodka. 

With a distinctive spine, the Absolut collection can be stored and exposed in a more area-efficient manner in stores, bars or your home.