Client: Heat & Rescue Sweden AB

We helped the start-up Heat & Rescue with launching their company. Heat & Rescue creates heating mattresses for emergency situations, but what they also do, is care for patients and rescue staff. We chose to focus on the latter when developing the concept “We got your back”.

It’s a lot to think about when it comes to a launch, so our first task was to narrow it down. We came to the conclusion that they needed a communication platform, graphics, and a web page – rather than a classic campaign.
Heat & Rescue creates heated mattresses for emergency situations, and none of us was especially involved in pre-hospital care, so we started off by doing research. A lot of research.

Keeping the patient warm in pre-hospital care is really important. Hypothermia (when your body temperature drops below 35 degrees) in emergency situations is a massive problem, with no effective solution. Until now. The heated mattress gives the patient better care and also provides the staff with a greater possibility to care for their patient. That is also what Heat & Rescue thinks is their most important role, to help both patients and staff. So that is why we created the concept “We got your back”. A concept based on their will to be there for patients and healthcare staff, regardless of circumstances. We developed a strategy, concept, brand wheel, logotype, and a new webpage.

We worked with pictures of cold and extreme environments to focus on the fact that Heat & Rescue is there for you regardless of the circumstances, and complemented with warm copy and warm images of the founders because that is what Heat & Rescue are. Warm and caring in tough environments. See the result down below.

“We needed to do more than just a classic campaign”