I’m Filip or 洪瑞 if you will, and I’m an Creative. 

My family traveled West from China, and like many opened up restaurants.

I basically grew up on a rice bag in the back kitchen.

I played with lots of Lego as a child, but I didn’t become a Architect or the Financial Analyst my dad dreamed of me to be. Tumblr Moodboards and Visual design had its way on me.  

People tell me that i’m too emotional but I think it’s more about me wanting to know about others and to understand. The pure joy of breaking bread between people and cultures. My Economics teacher said that I think too much and gets lost too quickly into things. I love food and taking pictures on the road. 

My skills consist of: Innovation, Content Creation/Ideation, Digital/Experiential Activations, Photography, Storytelling, Conceptualisation, Competitive Analysis, Design Strategy, Ethnography, Brand Audits & Research, Brand Positioning, Consumer Insights, and Market Research.

For fika, dim sum or any other reason, feel free to drop me a hello at fx@filipxu.com or call me @ (+46) 0707798828