What makes an idea a great one? A question I started asking myself whilst doing my admission test for Berghs and although I thought I had the answer then, I was far from it. I first thought that makes an idea great was that it was fun, something new and innovating, which is also true but after one year of studies at Berghs I’ve learned that it takes more than just that to make a great idea. So after one year at Berghs what did I come up with?  

What makes an idea great for me is when you combine different disciplines and perspectives. Different perspective such as different backgrounds, experiences etc and different disciplines like PR, strategy and creative. I believe that if combine these you will have a good strategy to depend on and a valid cause, PR to know who you’re talking to and what they want to hear and not what you think they want to hear and then the creative part to make your vision a reality. You will have different perspective to view your idea from and different experiences to learn from. With these components I believe that you will have a very strong idea that is very well thought out.