According to Berghs the typical production manager is described as “a person who loves people as much as being organized”. I have no doubt there is such a person, but is that person me? In my case the answer is no. That’s not how I would describe myself. So I guess I’m not the stereotype? 

For a year now I have studied to be a production manager and at the end of this month that is my new title. So what type of production manager am I?

I would partly describe myself as an observer but above all as a listener. You will find me in the background and at the frontline. I always know where I need to be because I listen, because I observe. In order for me to be able to focus and function I need to have a direction. When that direction is clear I can move forward and I will always meet the deadline.

But most importantly I am more than these 800 characters that we were allowed to use on this presentation.