I am a woman with a lot of drive and I am always carrying with me a curiosity for understanding how things work. I continually keep an eye out and ear open for the world around me and for the trends that pop up. This way I never miss an opportunity for a great idea. Successful PR, I believe, is when companies practice as they speak, when it is easy to understand the core of their message and manage to help their target audience to further pay this message forward.

The most exciting thing about PR is the fact that it is under constant development and change and I am a person who truly thrives in this kind of environment and cherish the opportunity to develop with it. My personality and knowledge shines through at its best in PR, this is where I can combine my creativity and writing with my strategic mind. I consider my future employer to be a place where I can get inspired and inspire others in return.

Creatives may cook, but us PR agents add the spice!