Can we make people interested in a product that is, has been, and always will be the same – throughout the eternal, never-ending history of time?

Client: Arlanda Express

Arlanda express knows a thing or two about countdowns. This particular one refers to when group member Emil Vasseur is going to board AEX and live-stream the trip between Stockholm Central and Arlanda. Follow us on Instagram to join the ride. If you’ve been on one, you’ve been on them all. It just so happens, it takes 18 minutes. Every time.

Welcome to the universe of Arlanda Express. 

We discovered the AEx YouTube page, and with it, the lack of consistency in it. We saw a big opportunity to launch a Concept that will strengthen the consistency and portray the never-changing nature of Arlanda Express. 

Because, which kinds of people are drawn to a universe where there are no surprises? 

Who thrives on a platform where the train is on time. Every time?

We created a world and a bunch of characters that we believe paint the picture of the Arlanda Express essence.



Make people pick Arlanda Express before arriving at the Airport 


When traveling, we are vulnerable. This is why we seek stability, consistency, and comfort when we fly.


Create a universe circling around our consistent brand promise: The fastest way between Arlanda and Stockholm. 18 Minutes. Every Time.


We started out by formulating a customer journey in four different phases: Inspiration, Preparation, Takeoff, and Landing. By doing this we could easily know when and how to communicate with our customers and thereby get more famous more easily. With this customer journey in mind, we realized that a stronger digital presence was needed.  But how? Let’s go through each phase real quick.

In the Inspiration phase, we worked with integrating longer SEO-texts on the AEx website. This helped us get more hits on google and establish AEx as the fastest way between Stockholm City and the Arlanda Airport. During the second phase, Preparation, we made some changes to the UX as well as formulating better Google Ads. The third phase was all about physical experience and service at the Airport. Here, Arlanda Express presented their innovation plans for the next three years to come, therefore we didn’t do anything on the airport.

For the final phase, Landing, we made a couple of more improvements regarding UX and also more personalized Facebook ads. 

For us, it was important that we should remind people of their exquisite AEx experience – without annoying them, but instead entice them into traveling with AEx again, and again, and again…

And finally! To establish an even stronger digital presence, we created a concept for the Arlanda Express YouTube channel. The concept is circling around which kinds of characters we think would gravitate towards a train that’s always on time. We call it: 18 Minutes. Every Time.