Avis - Rent a dirty car

Client: Avis

Create a triple bottom line campaign that helps a company create value, gives value to their consumers and at the same time contributes to a better planet.

Avis is the biggest car rental company in Europe, this includes the sunny vacation island of Mallorca. Every summer millions of tourist travel around the island exploring.

But the Island, like many others is facing a problem: the drought. More tourists equal more water usage and a problem for the islands limited groundwater. Avis also contributes to the issue since they use the water to wash the returned cars.

Research estimates it to take up to 300 liters per wash. To put that in perspective, the same amount of water used on washing rental cars in Mallorca each summer would keep one person alive for 800.000 years – yeah that’s crazy long.

Despite spending all this effort on a spotless outside, it’s actually the inside of the car that’s important. Being with your closest friends and those you love.But if the inside is key, how can we make the outside matter too?

With Rent a dirty car! we offer the tourists to… well…  rent a dirty car for a slightly better price. The cars will only be washed when absolutely necessary and this means we use less water and Avis will also save money on spending less time and resources on the process.