Since 2012 I have worked full time as an influencer where I use Instagram and YouTube to reach out to my followers. I would like to describe my path to where I am today is because of my interest in media and that I love to create and convey a message through my creativity. I am constantly willing to challenge myself and my curiosity in combination with the fact that I love meeting new people and sharing their skills, experiences and opinions.  

I want to develop as a person as well as competence in my professional role by broadening my wings. It is important for me to work with other people and have colleagues around me. So the natural next step for me was to study Public Relations. PR for me is to create something that is so ingenious that other people want to talk about it. By inspiring and motivating! For me, good PR is when you have managed to touch the recipient to the degree that he or she wants to share it with others. To achieve this, it is important for me as a PR communicator to always keep my eyes open for new trends and to help my client to spread the right message that targets their audience in a genuine way. 

Otherwise, I see myself as a driven and flexible person who can stay calm and focused even in stressful situations. I am a very positive and social person who has easy to find solutions and ideas with a focus on giving good results. I love to challenge myself and when I do something, I always do it to 110%. I want to end up at a place where my employer inspires me and I get the chance to inspire back. I think that I could contribute with new and different perspectives with my experience and background as an influencer in combination with my education in PR and communication.

I would love to talk more over a virtual talk or meet you in person.