The challenge we faced was clear. Reinvent an old hotel building with the goal to increase occupancy during the off-season. The idea to turn the building into a creative foraging center flourished. The solution included a disruptive idea, a visual identity and a communication strategy.




The older more secluded part of the hotel was, in its current state, no longer useful for the business and the challenge was to find an idea on how to use the building in a profitable way. The solution, idea and communication, should all contribute to a more exciting hotel experience. It was also of significant importance that the solution would be compatible with the off-season, with the desired effect of long-term increased occupancy. With a focus on leisure and/or conference segments, it should reflect and strengthen the existing associations to the brand.

Learning about the brand, doing market analysis and customer focus groups led us to one significant insight. People do something creative with their hands, as a way to relax. There are various ways to be creative. One way is by cooking, where you’re using all your senses.

A growing trend in the food-community is foraging, which entails searching for wild resources and using them in the kitchen. Not just picking mushrooms and berries, but also utilizing uncommon resources, such as roots, sprouts, flowers, herbs, etc. Commercially, foraging is most commonly practiced within fine dining and therefore we asked ourselves;

“Why should foraging be something exclusive when nature is for everyone?”


Also, why only serve at a table – when you can inspire people to get creative? The old building now becomes Visthusgår´den, Halland’s pantry. A creative center with an all-year-round experience focusing on foraging. Making it more available, social and fun.

Visthusgården is the starting point for a guided foraging experience – a center where you learn about what mother nature has to offer. Together we will compose innovative cocktails with new nature-fresh flavors and prepare a unique dinner together, to learn, enjoy, and to be inspired. The cherry on top –  enjoy your new knowledge with delicious dinner in a music and light projection show, influenced by the Swedish seasons. A remarkable and exciting way to discover and be inspired by the beauty and the richness of nature. Welcome to Visthusgården!