Go have fun

Client: Steven

Brief: Gain market share by raising awareness and the usage of the cost split app, Steven.

Problem: Steven needs to be differentiated. There are no clear arguments which support why one should choose Steven over other options. Today, Steven uses the key message “we all have that friend”, which signals humor, but also negative tension in relationships.

We all have that friend

As money is a sensitive and emotional subject to many, introducing a cost split app in a group of friends can be difficult. Since it easily kills the positive vibe, many do not even try.

Insight: People hang out because they want to have fun.

Solution: The need to use a service to share costs arises when several people hang out and share more than one payment. Competitors today have a practical focus on budget control, and no one has yet focused on becoming a lifestyle brand.

Go have fun - Steven gets you even!

This concept positions the brand based on the positive vibe of a group event – core factor to hang out. The vibe that you do not want to kill, by suggesting to split the cost. The strategic idea is to load the brand with positive associations. No one wants to be perceived as a stingy person, neither use an app with a negative approach. Steven is the one who sets the tone and ensures an even cost split, without negative energy. Steven should be present at every group event, being the one to take responsibility for all payments, and let the group just have fun!