Det gör inte Lidl.


Client: LIDL

A question that hasn’t been raised yet
Our society is built on a lot of norms. These norms apply to everything from how we should look to how we should behave. Even sustainability seems to have a certain standard. We realised that companies adjust to this standard in order to be perceived as sustainable, a behaviour we wanted to question with Lidl as a leading example.

When it comes to sustainability, Lidl is the leader within its industry but the knowledge of their sustainability work is very low. Therefore we got the brief to raise the awareness about their sustainability initiatives to a new target group, young adults aged 18-35.

Working sustainably is absolutely necessary today – and communication is incredibly important to drive the work forward. However that task is not that simple, because deciding WHAT and HOW to communicate is a challenge.

Young adults are completely overwhelmed by advertisements that they are daily faced with, resulting in them being very hard to reach and engage. At the same time, they are well informed and strive toward living a sustainable life. Choosing which brands and where to shop is a big part of who they are.

So, we started by exploring what is happening in the industry when it comes to sustainability, but above all… What is important in the world of the target group? What are they actually willing to listen to? 

Our solution

Well we found something completely new, one could say… sort of a phenomenon. Since we asked a question that hasn’t been raised yet… we can’t tell you about our solution for now.

So in the meantime, just stay curious and enjoy the rest of the festival! 😉