The NOLL Collection by Vattenfall

Client: Vattenfall

The NOLL collection will create the thread that stitches Vattenfall together with millennials and the fashion industry. A thread that powers change.


“How do we get people to increase their understanding of the energy transformation in an interesting way, to engage them and get them to spread our message for us?”


Energy and electricity is a product of low engagement and people don’t understand what is included in the term “fossil free fuels” and the impact it can have on our future.


Vattenfall is a company striving for change. A change towards a fossil free world within one generation. That is a change created not only by themselves but together with big industries and of course with the consumers. For many years Vattenfall has had partnerships within the steel and cement industry. The next step will be towards the fashion industry since clothes are tangible and something that our target group, millennials, use to identify themselves with.


People can’t create a relation to things they don’t know anything about.


The world’s first fossil free collection of clothing. The NOLL collection will include a windproof jacket created from the wind, a pair of sunglasses created from the sun, and a waterproof trouser created by the sea. An initiative by Vattenfall together with Peak Performance. An initiative created to power change – together.

And this is how we executed our idea.

A message from The Wind inside the windproof jacket.

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