Sardonyx Fire

& Other Stories encourages women to create their own expression, and fragrance is very much a part of that. It has the magical ability to tell the story of who you are in a way that words never will, making it a natural element in our beauty range. Each one of the fragrances has an elaborate composition of notes, containing unexpected combinations of high-quality ingredients that give it richness and depth. 

& Other Stories believes that beauty is integral to fashion and should not be an afterthought or a separate consideration. Our task was to use Motion Design to manage a selected assignment where you feel that & Other Stories is the sender.

The material is intended for use as a guide and/or inspiration on website, social media or in store.

We chose to portray the Sardonyx Fire fragrance because of it’s strong character. Our concept was to visualise the woman who use the fragrance as well as the fragrance itself. To create this feeling we used a model and still life setups, as well as analog light effects.