Take the fighters fight!

Client: Reebok

Mission: Increase liking for the Reebok brand and contribute to sales of training wear, while improving the circumstances for children within sports.

Problem: You wake up in a boxing gym in Thailand. Go for a long run before breakfast and then you enter the ring to fight an older, bigger fighter. Maybe it doesn’t sound that bad. But this is everyday life for many 9 year olds in Thailand, children who need to fight in order to provide for themselves and their family. The country is heavily reliant on tourism, not just the resort travellers. Sport tourism and the nationalsport Muay Thai in particular, is the second most common source of tourism. The economic engine is in betting on the boxing fights, fights that are often set up between children younger than 15 years of age.

Insight: In the world of sports the rules are different for how much violence a child is expected to suffer.

Solution: Reebok, as one of the worlds largest sport brands and official sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is launching the certification Reebok Shield. A sign of approval to call upon the fighting gyms of Thailand to look out for the children by imposing a 15-year-old age limit. This transparancy informes the sport tourists of which arenas are treating children in a fair way and which are exposing them to violence. So people who love boxing can enjoy the sport in a fair way without the shady downside. As the certification launches a special collection of training wear is launched in stores and online – Fight for the fighters. By wearing the training wear you carry a visible statement into gyms and boxing rings all over the world.

Take the fighters fight.