Not the most creative and imaginative person around – definitely not at Berghs. This is fine by me, we can’t all be dreamers and crazy ones. Some of us are the much needed machinery behind the innovation.

Here’s to the square ones!

The ones who believe in research and statistics. The no-sayers when things are getting out of hand and out of scope. Here’s to finding meaning and reason in observations, not our own opinions. To trying our hardest to find a common truth, even when we know there may be no such thing.

Here’s to market research, reading and listening to people.

Here’s to understanding all brands can’t go for a Nike or Apple position, and to loving that fact because it forces us to find a smarter way and stick to our scope. To trying our hardest. To figuring people out. To not be misguided by preconceptions.

Here’s to the square ones. The ones who try everyday to understand the world, while frustratingly knowing it can’t possibly be understood.

But still, we’ll try.