Client: Norwegian Embassy & Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm

What is your idea of Norway? Do our quiz and see if you are ready to go The Nor Way!

The Nor Way is the story about Swedes who went the norwegian way. An initiative to bridge the gap between Norway and Sweden.

We allow people with a connection to both countries to tell their stories and thereby present a current image of Norway.


Activate a younger target group and increase awareness about what Norway is today. 


Sweden’s awareness of Norway has decreased in recent years (Novus, 2019). Not to mention that Norwegians have a more nuanced image and a greater interest in Sweden than the equivalent. Swedes have a somewhat outdated, stereotypical image of Norway. 


There is a gap between Norway and Sweden. When we compare the two countries, we only see the differences, but for the rest of the world, we are equal. We have a sibling relationship, joking at each other’s expense but keeping each other’s backs looking outward. We are different, but yet very similar. 

There is a gap between Norway and Sweden


We did a repositioning through a communicative platform, which shows how the Embassy and the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce can renew their communication and the current image of Norway. From being perceived as traditional and outdated, our solution enables the new idea of Norway – a contemporary, progressive, and innovative country. 

Based on the platform, we developed a concept called The Nor Way. Since there are many Swedes living and working in Norway, we asked ourselves if we could tell their stories. Because what you recognize is simply easier to relate to. 

People with a connection to both countries will tell their stories, and thereby, present a current image of Norway. Chosen Swedes in the business sector in Norway will receive a press release with a disposable camera, which they will use to document their life in Norway. 

Sharing on Instagram and LinkedIn to reach our target groups. 

An initiative never seen before from a chamber of commerce, engaging media all over the world.