My greatest asset and drive is the comprehensive and wholehearted responsibility I feel for my projects and commitments. My name is Oskar and I am a systematic, autodidactic, analytical, detail-oriented and knowledge-curious problem solver (who also happens to love words).
Last year I graduated university as a Master of Science in Business and Economics, had gained experience from various marketing internships and came to Berghs to enable myself to knock on the door of the communication and advertising industry. Equipped with my managerial education, and with the preconceived notion of how I was about to study communication solely as a product, my perspective was a lot different from what it is now. Here I have learned that communication is a bigger world than I could ever imagine and comes in more shapes and forms than these lines could account for. I realized that (as is written in big letters on the glass windows of the Berghs building) everything communicates, and what is more; anything can be communicated. And now I want to help agencies and organizations do just that, through creative, strategic and thorough production management.