The last couple of years Barcelona has been absolutely flooded with tourists and the barcelonians are fed up with drunk tourists creating a complete mess. Carlsberg might not be able to solve the tourist situation but maybe they could do something to help?


Making non-alcoholic beer a part of the party instead of the
less fun option it’s possible to let tourists enjoy their party nights while at the same time make life easier for the residents.


The optimum level of drunk is proved to be reached at 0,6 per mille. This can be translated into approximately three beers for the average person. Past this limit you will start to notice the negative effects of the alcohol.


Carlsberg creates The Zero Point Six Pack – a pack of four beers designed to give the drinker the perfect drunk. The first three cans contain regular Carlsberg pilsner while the fourth is a non- alcoholic beer. By having the fourth one non-alcoholic it’s possible to stay in the 0,6 per mille stage for longer. On top of this each can is designed to match the mood of the first, second, third and fourth beer and complementary text describes the perfect way to enjoy that exact beer.