Guts to talk about guts

Client: ProViva

Address and reach a younger consumer base.

There is a big question mark regarding ProViva. People are unsure if the drink is categorized as a juice or a smoothie. Few are aware of what the drink is good for, and the drink is most commonly associated with hospitals, elderly, and stomach sickness due to its probiotic contents. How can we clarify ProViva’s identity and make Proviva relevant to reaching a younger target group?

Almost every other Swede experiences that their stomach problems also limit and affect their quality of life. A study shows that young women avoid sex because of their stomach problems. Almost one in four young women with stomach problems stated that it affects their sex life and close relationships, and 16% avoid sex entirely because of this (Magrapporten, 2017).

Stomach problems limit young women from living their everyday lives.

We identified an opportunity for ProViva to reach a new, younger target group and at the same time utilize their expertise in gastric health by addressing a taboo issue that affects our entire society. Stomach problems should not stop young women from living their everyday lives. It is the most natural thing, so let’s talk about it!

Guts to talk about guts

The message is proactive because it addresses those who already have stomach problems and actively chooses to buy the product to do something about it, but also for those who want to be informed about how to prevent problems with the help of the product as well as those who simply want to approach the problem.

First, we changed the packaging to appeal to the younger target audience. Then, we communicate with the audience in situations with a high recognition factor and highlight everyday situations where stomach problems can affect life exceedingly. Always in a humorous and slightly provocative way, to remove the taboo around stomach problems and add a touch of edge to the brand.