Client: Kavli

Some share a pizza, others the bill, some share more and some share less. For Kavli it is important to share with joy.

Since 1962 Kavli has shared all their profit for charity purposes. Now Kavli wants to show different ways of sharing, and how Kavli is sharing in their very own way.

Different ways of sharing

Kavli invests their entire profit into various charity organizations, and now they want to contribute even further. “Del med glede” is a concept that Kavli works with on the Norwegian market. For their Swedish roll-out they reached out to us and asked how we should communicate that they are sharing their profit with different charitable organizations.

People find it important to contribute to a better world. Something that is more important though is knowing where their contribution goes and that the company genuinely cares for certain causes and not only does things because of good PR.

We needed to work with transparency and actions between the company, charity organizations and consumer in order to create engagement.

Sharing is something we learn as children and sharing create feelings, for some it’s quite natural to share, but for others it can even be difficult. For Kavli, it is very simple as they now share in their very own way.

To show how Kavli really shares with organizations we decided to live by the expression ”actions speak louder than words”. The campaign “There are different ways of sharing” reflects on how people literally are sharing, and highlight Kavli’s very own way of sharing with the organizations who contribute to a better world. Wonder what it might be? We can’t exactly tell you yet, but stay tuned!